Ever wondered what all the hype is about CBD oil? Do you use it already but want to learn more about how it’s produced? Or perhaps you are interested in learning how to become part of the industry yourself. Learn all you could ever want to know about hemp and CBD at the Kentucky Hemp/CBD Symposium & Expo on Saturday, November 16. 

This event will educate and inform the general public about industrial hemp, hemp-derived products, and CBD oil through discussions and panels. Speakers include Dr. Jagannadh Satyavolu from the University of Louisville Conn Center, who will discuss research efforts to utilize hemp as bio-fuel as well as Dr. Tom Keene from the University of Kentucky, who will discuss the various uses of hemp. Harold Jarobe, known as “The Old Hemp Farmer”, will discuss the challenges of hemp farming, drawing from nearly 30 years experience. 

One of the main speakers is Ashley Baesler, a registered nurse and educator, who grows, produces, and distributes organic CBD oils and other therapeutic products. She began her research into the medicinal benefits of hemp and CBD in 2017 and continues to perform research on the product. As a member of the Kentucky Nursing Association as well as the American Nursing Association and the American Association of Heart Failure Nurses, she is dedicated to finding resources for pain management for patients. In her talk, she will discuss education, advocacy, and share her expertise on industrial hemp and CBD production as an alternative and holistic approach to pain management. 

HEMP/CBD and HEMP derived products will be on display and available for sale. The event is hosted at the Holiday Inn Airport Fair & Expo Center. The doors open at 9am and the event ends at 5pm. Tickets are $75 per person.

Image source: lanereport.com