It seems that there is a new source of renewable energy on the block, and it is called “biocoal.” This coal is derived from wood waste and plants. Its use could diminish the greenhouse gas released by power plants and even the energy sector’s reliance on fossil-based coal.

In addition to providing cleaner energy, the production of biocoal will pave the way for more rural jobs. The University of Louisville is working on ramping up the entry of wood- and biomass-made biocoal to commercial markets, with its Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research setting up facilities dedicated to the pilot-scale production and research and development. These facilities will assist in the examination of the torrefaction and densification of agricultural biomass sources and wood.

Conn Center director Mahendra Sunkara said, “The use of this product as a substitute for coal can help extend the life of Kentucky’s coal-fired power plants while significantly reducing pollutant and carbon emissions.”

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