Value-added Products from Sustainable Biomass

Are you underestimating
the value of your
Organic Biomass Waste? 

BioProducts, LLC provides unique profitability solutions for agricultural waste through its patented technologies. Contact us today to learn how we can add value to your current processes.


Organically derived sweetener and fuel components

Benefit – Low calorie sweetener for obesity and diabetes

Market – $2 Billion and growing

Activated Carbon

Organically derived high-surface-area carbon

Benefit – Low-cost sustainable carbon, high-value

Market – Battery, fuel cell and solar applications


Organically derived coal replacement

Benefit –- Environmentally friendly drop-in replacement for coal

Market – All coal fired power plants

BioProducts Mission Statement

BioProducts is a company dedicated to providing opportunities for processing agricultural waste in an environmentally conscious and economically advantageous manner. BioProducts specializes in utilizing cutting edge technologies coupled with its own patented technology to process waste into value-added products.

Clean. Renewable. Efficient.

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